10 Monthly Maintenance Tasks For SQL Server

As a Database Administrator, there are certain tasks that you must complete at a fairly regular frequency. Jason Strate has put together a list of 10 things he says a Database Administrator should do each month.


Are you doing what you must to ensure that your SQL Server environment is behaving as you, or your manager, expects that it is? Whether you are veteran, involuntary, or junior DBA, there are common things that we are required to do for our SQL Servers on a regular basis.  These tasks may seem like they are relatively low level items, but they are in fact critical in maintaining the health and security of our SQL Server instances.

  1. Update Windows Server
  2. Update SQL Server
  3. Validate Backups
  4. Validate Recovery Strategy
  5. Verify SQL Server and Windows Configuration
  6. Check server performance and health
  7. Check database performance and health
  8. Review and adjust baselines
  9. Validate capacity plan
  10. Submit status report

Take a look at the article for full details and see if you have any recommendations for additional items.

2 thoughts on “10 Monthly Maintenance Tasks For SQL Server”

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