How important are you to your company?


I was invited to write an article for LinkedIn, and I selected the subject of just how important are you to your company. We all hope we are considered important to our employer, and we also hope they continue to value that relationship so that the paychecks keep coming. But have you really thought about that relationship and considered not just how you feel, but do they feel the same way?

Like a romantic relationship in your personal life, a business relationship can end with disinterest or even anger. You have to work hard to keep a romantic relationship working, but both sides of that relationship have to be willing to fight hard to keep everything together. In your business relationship with your employer, are both sides fighting hard to keep that relationship on happy terms?

As unsettling as the prospect of an honest answer might be, the answer you get from the company might be that you are not the right fit for the company and it’s time to move on to greener pastures. In an article by Roger Philby, founder and chief executive of The Chemistry Group, he says he asked a group of Human Resource Directors that type of question and almost 70% said they would start all over again with new people at almost all levels.

The reason for this answer is found the idea of finding the perfect employee. The person that is the elite employee, what Roger calls a “Linchpin”. Linchpins are people that the company can rely on and whose discretionary work is always of high quality, regardless of their salary or position. They understand the value of the organization’s brand and are on message every time.

Linchpins are the top 20-25% of all employees. Are you in the top 25% of all employees at your company? If you walked into your company today for a job interview, what would your chances be of landing your target position? Would your company hire you again today?

I hope you read the entire article and take action today to either improve a stale relationship, or find a new place for a rewarding career.


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