10 Tips For A Phone Interview


You are doing a job search and you have gotten through to the interview stage – but it’s a phone interview! How do you master a phone interview where the can’t see your body language or they might not even hear you very well?

  1. Take Notes – Write down the questions you are asked and if you can’t answer the questions tell the interviewer thou will get the answer and call them back with the information. If nothing else, you can reference your notes to see what went well or not so well so you can be prepared for followup calls or the next interview.
  2. Provide Concise Answers – Use one sentence to answer the question, when possible. A long answer might sound like it is providing more context or information, but without the ability to see the caller, you might just be confusing them. Wait for them to ask for more information.
  3. Schedule Adequate Time – Don’t try to handle the call during the scheduled 30 minute session, only to find they have so many followup questions you run out of time and have to end the call. This is your future we are talking about. If you think it will take 30 minutes, schedule an hour. If you think it will take an hour, schedule 2 hours.
  4. Talk While Standing – The listener can hear the difference between you slouched over your desk and you are standing up and smiling.
  5. Let Speech Be Your Body Language – Project a confident and smiling professional over the telephone and that will often be transmitted straight into the listeners brain.
  6. Find a Quite Room – Don’t let the call be interrupted by noise from a busy street or cafe patrons. We also don’t want television noise or children talking in the background.
  7. Ask Great Questions – Have a few questions prepared in advanced. When asked if you have any questions, make sure you have one or two appropriate questions that show you are serious about the position.
  8. Verify the Telephone – Make sure you telephone is working before the call. If this is a video call, make sure you have tested the service and have any software installed and configured before the call starts. If you will be using your cell phone, make sure you have the device fully changed and  you are taking the call in an area with excellent service.
  9. Research – Understand the company and the position before you get on the call. This shows you are interested and intelligent.
  10. Take it Seriously – This is just as important as a face to face interview. Don’t laugh off a question, make jokes, or be offensive in any way. If you mess up this call, this may be your last shot at being considered for the position.




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