Should I Stay or Should I Go


Once you start a job, the next inevitable step is determining if you should keep working there (the default stance) or should you go (is quitting an good option). Most of us find our job a rewarding part of our work life and we don’t really consider the quitting option on a regular basis. But what if you are thinking about leaving? What should you consider before you decide to quit? What are the pros and cons in that decision?

Reasons to Quit:

  • No Future – The company is not doing well, facing bankruptcy, or the economy indicates things are going to go badly.  You may want to get out before they let you go first.
  • Your Manager – The person you work for is the problem, and there isn’t any hope of fixing that relationship or getting a transfer.
  • Company Values – You can’t stand what the business is doing because it is at odds with how you feel about the business or the way it treats customers.
  • Life Changes – Your situation has changed and you can’t do the job like you expected. Maybe you have a new family member, an illness in the family, or your life goals have changed.
  • No Fun – You aren’t enjoying the job any more, and life is too short to endure the pain that comes from going into work at a place you just hate to be for 40 hours each week.
  • Illegal Activity – Maybe you are concerned about the legal activity of your company, or even by your manager. You want to get out before the police arrive.
  • Stress – It has gotten just too difficult to work because of the level of stress, and you have to make a change to lower the stress in your life
  • You Messed Up – You have made too many mistakes and you feel that your long-term prospects are forever damaged. Maybe it is time to move on because you have hit a dead-end based on something that is all your fault.
  • No Challenge – You don’t feel you are given any assignments that are challenging or require any growth at the current company, and you need to move to a new company to seek new responsibilities and learn new skills.
  • Problems With Fellow Workers – For whatever reason, you can’t get along with your co-workers and the only solution is for you to move to a different company

Reasons to Stay:

  • Dream Job – This is the best job you have ever had and you can’t see any other job being this great.
  • Other Places Might Be Worse – The next job could be even worse than were you are today.
  • Benefits – You might hate your job, but at least you have benefits that are either expensive, or even difficult to get outside of your current employer.
  • Education – You might not like the job, but you are learning about the business or industry and that education is valuable for your long-term success.
  • Happiness – You might not like the job, but you like cashing that paycheck. Maybe it is as simple as getting to tell your friends your job title and feeling proud, and they don’t have to know how much you have the job.
  • Keeps You Busy – You might not like the job, and they pay isn’t that great, but it keeps you busy. Maybe you have other goals in life, but you can’t see what you would do with the free time if you weren’t working.
  • References – Sure the job you have today might not be great, but it will look great on your resume and help you land the next job.
  • Payday – You dread going into the office every day, but it does put a smile on your face when you see that check on payday. Money might not buy happiness, but it sure can take the sting out of poverty.
  • Networking – You might not like the job, but you are making good contacts and meeting great people
  • You Hate Interviews – You hate your job, but you hate the hassle of updating your resume, making the telephone calls, searching the internet for job openings, making the scheduled interviews, etc.

While you are deciding, don’t forget to watch the music video from The Clash.

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