Quick SQL Server Performance Tips


Is your SQL Server running slow? Do you need a list of things you can do to quickly improve performance, without a lot of work to troubleshoot the root cause?

  1. Increase Server Memory – If your server has less that 64 GB of RAM, install more memory. Without question, a 64-bit version of SQL Server will use 64 GB of memory, which will allow more database objects to be loaded into the fastest segment of your computer.
  2. Upgrade Software – Make sure you have installed all missing security patches to Windows, and verify you are running the latest version of SQL Server. Even if all you do is upgrade from a 32-bit version to a recent 64-bit version, you increase the amount of RAM your system can use, which could make everything run faster.
  3. Unwanted Processes – Check your system to make sure nothing is running on your SQL Server instance except SQL Server. Make sure users aren’t running any other software, including custom applications, scheduled tasks, remote desktop sessions, etc. Every CPU cycle should be reserved for your SQL Server, and nothing else.
  4. Move Databases – Get faster hard drives and move your databases to the fastest drives available. This could get very expensive, but you could see reading and writing speeds double. Make sure you do not have any databases running from the system drive, which is usually the C: drive.
  5. Windows Event Logs – Monitor the event logs, looking for events that indicate issues. These events could just be system errors indicating network issues, system hardware failure, or drive corruption. Don’t be afraid to proactively address issues before they impact your system.

Not every organization has a Database Administrator, but there are some simple things you can do to quickly improve performance. If things get too slow, you can always bring in a consultant for a few months to address any immediate issues.


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