The SSIS Tuning Tip That Everyone Misses

Execution Plan Example

If you are a person that uses SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) a great deal, you have probably spent hours looking through you ETL processes trying to find ways to make the processes faster and more efficient. Rob Farley has written an article that describes what you can do to possibly speed up your processing with minimal effort.

When debugging SSIS, you run the package, and sit there waiting to see the Debug information start appearing. You look for the numbers on the data flow, and seeing operators going Yellow and Green. Without the hint, I’d sit there for a minute. With the hint, just ten seconds. You can imagine which one I preferred.

By adding this hint, it felt like a magic wand had been waved across the query, to make it run several times faster. It wasn’t the case at all – but it felt like it to SSIS.

 Maybe you will find this information useful in your development.


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