10 Tips for The Art of Delegation


As a manager of people, you just can’t do everything all the time. You have to know when and how to delegate tasks to someone else. Elevating your delegation ability to the next level is an art. If you want to get that next promotion and succeed at leading a large team, you have to know a few tips at delegation.

  1. Anything that you have done multiple times is something that you might be able to delegate to someone else. This is especially true if it is a task that can be easily explained and documented, and it can be easily trained.
  2. Can the task be accomplished with minimal decision making or doesn’t require special authority?
  3. When delegating a task to a subordinate or co-worker, make sure they are given a through explanation of the process and procedures, they understand the schedule you expect it to be completed, how important it is to you or the team, and the priority of the task as it relates to the other tasks they are also working to complete.
  4. When possible, show them how to complete the task, let them do the task as you watch, and then ale sure they understand they are responsible for the task in the future. Show them that you trust them to do what is asked, but that they can always come to you with questions or if they need assistance.
  5. You should trust your team to do any assigned task, if you can’t trust them, you have the wrong team. If you have the right team, then change your mental barriers that are preventing you from feeling comfortable with your team doing the assigned tasks.
  6. If you want to do more, you have to delegate the simple tasks that are filling your day. As you get more free time, you can take on more complicated tasks, and that will help you learn and grow.
  7. Expect there to be issues the first couple of times a delegated tasks is completed by someone else. Have the patience and  understanding to work with people to help them learn and grow as well.
  8. Build you mentoring skills so that you are better at building your team to accept more important and complicated tasks.
  9. Don’t be afraid to let people outside of the team know that other people have been assigned tasks that you used to do yourself. This will help them understand if there are any issues, as well as respect your team as a strong unit learning from each other and willing to accomplish additional tasks. Let the people outside of your team know who they can contact will issues or questions.
  10. Allow oyutr team to accept ownership of assigned tasks.Encourage them to understand the details of the task, asking about the who, what, when, where, and how of the task. They should also be encouraged to ask about ways the tasks can be automated, improved, or even eliminated.

Be confident that your team can learn the details of the task and will help you accomplish more work. As you do more work, you should see a happier team, a more confident team, and a team that you can be proud of each and every day.


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