Why You Don’t Delegate


Why is delegation so hard for some people, including you or someone you know? I’ve heard many excuses over the years:

  • “No one else is a quick at doing this task as me.”
  • “I don’t trust anyone else to get the job done.”
  • “There are just things that I can do that other people just can’t do themselves.”
  • “My team members lack the correct experience.”
  • “It takes more time to explain the steps than to just do the job myself.”
  • “A mistake by a team member could be costly for the project.”
  • “There are some things that I just shouldn’t delegate.”

Have you heard these excuses before? Maybe you have actually used these excuses before? The real reason might be an insecurity that you might have that prevents you from making the decision to properly delegate. Maybe you think a team member is after your job, or maybe you’re just afraid someone else will do the work better than you. Your short-term decision to protect your area of expertise might make you feel like to are protecting you current job, but you’re hurting your ability to move up and accept new responsibilities.

Delegation means you get added someone to help you do more , freeing some time in your day to manage your projects or even take on more projects. You have to also look at this from the perspective of your team members. They get to learn from your years of experience. You are now a mentor, guiding them to learning new skills and helping them accept new responsibilities. This  also does your organization a favor as well by improving the teams ability to make decisions and get work done. This will help your organization become more responsive and more competitive with a more well rounded team of experts.


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