20 Project Management Tips


When working on a project or managing a project, there are some basic things you should be aware of that might make the project easier to manage.

  1. Get the right team for your project. Define the skills needed for your project and verify the people with those skills are working on your project.
  2. Get the expertise you need by getting subject matter experts assigned to your project . Recognize that your project, being unique, might require learning from and collaborating with experts, and those experts need access to your team.
  3. Work with pictures and diagram to educate the team and your bring people with different perspectives onto the same page. You need to work with all members of the team to make sure they understand the project and are helping complete the project.
  4. Define the scope of your project clearly and precisely.
  5. After defining scope clearly, educate everyone the cost of changes. This should help reduce change requests, which helps verify any changes will be added to your project only when the change is essential.
  6. Set up systems to gather, track, and analyze time and cost information, so you can monitor resource use and keep them under control.
  7. Focus on quality. Do as much testing as you can as early as you can, allowing time for re-work and re-testing to ensure you’ve eliminated all errors.
  8. Prepare for the unexpected. Discuss risk management with your team every week, updating your list of risks, and possible solutions, to your project.
  9. Encourage your team to talk to each other. Teach them to work together to complete common goals until you have a great team of people that you can trust to to do great things.
  10. Get the supplies and resources you need for a successful project.
  11. If your project involves contracts, be sure to keep the contracts in alignment with project value and specifications.
  12. Have a communications plan that you can follow to communicate with all stakeholders throughout the project.
  13. Make sure everyone knows what they need to know to make decisions and get work done.
  14. Constantly evaluate all events and all scope change requests, to make sure you understand any changes to the projected schedule.
  15. Focus on the quality of your deliverables.
  16. Seek to exceed customer expectations while leaving your customers delighted with every encounter with you and your project team.
  17. Compare actual ROI to planned ROI, so you can be honest about the degree of your project success.
  18. Get everything in writing. From specifications, promises of assistance, changes, everything needs to be written down and kept as part of the project documentation.
  19. Celebrate successes, and be honest about failures. Honesty and integrity will make stakeholders trust your feedback and communications with the team.
  20. Don’t be afraid to cancel a project if the deliverables are no longer needed or can’t be delivered.

You can read more tips here and here.


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