Acknowledgment of Appreciation


You might not always get the acknowledgement of appreciation from your boss. Sometimes they are too busy, or there maybe isn’t a right time to give you a pat on the back or a verbal acknowledgment that you have done a great job, or you just don’t think that your hard work is truly appreciated. There are also those bosses that just don’t think that making you happy is their job. You are getting paid to do a great job, and your paycheck is all the acknowledgement their hard working people need.

If you have a boss that doesn’t seem to get the idea of formal acknowledgement of your achievements, what can you do about that to make things better? I have a few ideas:

  • You need to help create a culture of appreciation in your organization. You can personally be a champion of change in your team’s or department’s or even your company’s culture. This may seem difficult, but you can start the process by making sure to acknowledge both your peers and the people who report to you in a heartfelt and authentic way. Your leadership by example will start generating a desire to “pay it forward” and after a while your manager won’t be able to ignore the shift they are seeing around them.
  • Acknowledge you managers. Your manager or your manager’s manager might be among the most under-acknowledged people in your workplace. And even a boss who doesn’t give acknowledgment can see and feel the impact of being acknowledged truthfully and in a heartfelt manner. You may have to really search for that acknowledgment but I promise you, something worthy of being acknowledged for is there if you just look.
  • Speak as off the record as possible to your manager’s manager. There is some risk that the comment will get back to your manager, but it depends on how desperate you are for creating the change required for a better work environment. You will have to weight the risks to the possible rewards to see if this approach makes sense where you work.
  • Know how much you can take and know when to say when. If the lack of acknowledgment and appreciation is too devastating for you, you may have to request a transfer to another department or even leave the company. This is not an action to consider except as a last resort, but life is too short to work for a boss that doesn’t even pretend to acknowledge your contributions to your company’s success.

You will be amazed at the results once you start using the power of acknowledgment. Please leave any comments you have about this subject, or if you have any ideas to help those in trouble.


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