Microsoft and VB6

Visual Basic 6

There has been renewed talk recently, asking why Microsoft is refusing to release the Visual Basic 6 development language as open source. Microsoft has said the language is dead, and those developers that used to use that language should covert their skills and programs to the more recent Visual Studio .Net languages like C# and VB.

Some are asking why Microsoft hasn’t released the abandoned language to the open source community:

The VB6 community still misses its language. You may not like VB6, and it is a language with many flaws. You could say that it occupied the position that JavaScript does now – misunderstood, misused and commonly thought to be ugly and inadequate. However, used correctly it could be simple, clean and elegant. After all it was the driving force behind VB .NET which took the language in a different direction while trying to maintain its easy-to-use aspects.

You may not like VB6 and you might even be glad it’s gone, but have some sympathy for the programmers who regard it as “their” language. Microsoft simply wiped it off the face of the planet, and this is not something that could happen for an open source language – a lesson that many VB6 programmers took to heart.

With Microsoft’s new warmth towards open source it seems a small thing to ask for VB6 to be open sourced. Also Windows 8 WinRT makes use of COM and VB6 was a language designed to make use of COM object in the form of ActiveX components.

What are your thoughts on the subject? You can read more here.


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