Visual Studio Development and WebDeploy

Visual Studio

For developers using Visual Studio, there may be an easier process of getting your programs to the production environment than what you have been using.

Pushing code to a server – test, production, or otherwise – is an error prone hassle. Invariably you forget to update a connection string or push a DLL or include new image resources. True, lots of solutions exist for continuous integration, but they’re not always practical during development.

Back in 2009 when the Web Deployment Tool v1.0 was released, the process of configuring the IIS Server and hooking up your code for publishing was pretty tricky. There were a lot of steps and many people didn’t think it was worth the time to configure when they could quickly copy up the source code to the server and just overwrite everything that was there. With subsequent releases, currently at Web Deploy v3.5, the process has become stupid easy.

In an article by Matthew Mombrea, he tells us how to use WebDeploy to easily promote our programs into production.


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