Windows 10 Technology Preview

I have installed the new Windows 10 Technology Preview from our friends at Microsoft. I used the VMware Fusion 6 on my Apple Macintosh to create a virtual Windows 10 instance using the ISO image downloaded from Microsoft. I had to select the Windows 8.1 instance in the VMware creation wizard (it doesn’t yet support Windows 10) and point the wizard to the saved Windows 10 ISO image. It took about 20 minutes to create the virtual image, using the default Express Settings. Once it booted to the desktop, I was able to see the new Start Button.

Windows 10

Microsoft said it has standardized the format for apps from the Windows Store and regular desktop programs. Both now run in traditional windows that can be resized and minimized from the bar at the top of the window. This is much more like Windows 7 and prior versions. Think of it as everything is running from the desktop and the Metro-like interface is now contained in the Start Button menu.

With the Task View button on the TaskBar (the two overlapping white boxes next to the Internet Explorer icon in the image shown above), you can create a new virtual desktop and also see currently running applications.

You can also “snap” allocations to tile them on the screen, with support for automatic snapping of up to four open windows.

I’ll continue to evaluate the new operating system, but you can learn more about Windows 10 here.


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