The Future of Visual Basic and C#

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There was a presentation by Microsoft Principal Program Managers Dustin Campbell and Mads Torgersen during the TechEd 2014 event, which they provide information on the future of VB and C#. In the video you learn a little about Roslyn, building tools with Roslyn, moving toward an open-source Visual Basic and C#, and some new features of the IDE. It’s not too late to provide your feedback on the subject, directly to the Microsoft engineers.

View the video here.

The Microsoft Managed Languages team has been focused on rebuilding the VB and C# compilers and editing experiences. This effort has paved the way for these languages to continue evolving for many years to come. However, what does that future actually look like? We explore the editing experience, how public APIs may be used to write language-level extensions, as well as new language features.

You can also read more here.


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