Poka-Yoke – Error Proofing Software the Lean Way


People make mistakes, so what can you do you help minimize mistakes in your development and management efforts?

Poka-yoke means “mistake-proofing” in Japanese. Poka-yoke is also a development technique, one that helps avoid mistakes. It aims to eliminate defects in products by preventing, correcting, or alerting us about errors as they occur. The concept was formalized and the term adopted by Shigeo Shingo as a part of the Toyota Production System.

Toyota’s approach to achieving product quality is to target “Zero Quality Control,” and ZQC derives it name from the idea that quality does not come from controlling and sorting out defects at the end but is something that needs to be built in up front.

In this article by Meghana Niranjan Parwate we learn, by example, how to minimize our project mistakes. You can also learn more about Poka-yoke here.


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