The Ultimate Computer Hardware Guide

Computers in Workplace

If you want to know more about computer hardware, the best place to start may be this great article by Gordon Mah Ung and Josh Norem. This article will guide you through understanding all the parts and pieces that make up modern computer systems.

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to PCs and computer hardware that’s especially true, because only by knowing how your PC components’ specs actually affect performance can you get the maximum power you need for the type of computing you do—and avoid being seduced by features that sound impressive on the box but won’t do squat to improve your experience. Knowing your stuff has other benefits, too. An in-depth understanding of what makes all your parts tick enables you to better troubleshoot problems, upgrade in ways that make sense, and converse with other nerds in your own secret language. Continue reading to begin your crash course in PC spec-speak.


One thought on “The Ultimate Computer Hardware Guide”

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