Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?


If you were notified by law enforcement that you had just 5 minutes to evacuate your home due to a natural disaster, what would you take with you as you leave? Who would you call to let them know what is happening? Where would you go to take you and your family to safety? If you have planned for this type of event, you might already have answers to these questions, or even practiced the process.

As a business requirement, you need to be making the same plans and also practicing the process to make sure your business is agile enough to deal with natural disasters (fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, etc.) without a disruption caused by a natural disaster putting your company out of business.

Does your business have a written plan that describes the steps required to notify the core team of people responsible for handling a disaster, and procedures for notifying the entire company about what is happening?Do you have a written plan that describes how to react to the various types of disasters, including the steps required for keeping your business moving and processing sales and payroll data? Do you have off-site backups of your computers systems, customer data, payroll records, and vendor contracts? Do you have a physical location to restore those backups and continue your business with minimal interruption?

The month of September 2014 has been declared National Preparedness Month by the United States government, so this might be a good time to review your options and finalize your disaster plans.



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