SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Shortcut Keys


No one likes to waste valuable time, and knowing a keyboard shortcut that will make a process faster is always a great way to save time. Here are some samples of available shortcuts in SSMS:

  • Window + L – Lock your computer and secure your desktop (useful when leaving your desk for a fast coffee refill)
  • CTRL-TAB – Window manager
  • CTRL+C – Copy selected text to Clipboard
  • CTRL+V – Paste text from Clipboard
  • CTRL+X – Delete the selected text
  • F5 – When in a query window this will execute the query
  • CTRL+M  – This will toggle Actual Execution Plan on or off
  • CTRL-F6 – Switch between top tabs
  • F6 – Switch between Editor, Results, Message tabs
  • Alt+F1 for sp_help and a list of its fields
  • CTRL+SHIFT+U  – shift word to uppercase
  • CTRL+SHIFT+L  – shift word to lowercase
  • TAB – To increase the indent a line of code
  • Shift+TAB – To decrease the indent of a line of code

Windows 10 Shortcuts:

  • Snapping windowWindows key + Left or Right — Quadrants is the new Snap view mode that pins apps to the four quarters of the screen.
  • Switch to recent windowAlt + Tab
  • Task viewWindows + Tab
  • Create new virtual desktopWindows key + Ctrl + D
  • Close current virtual desktopWindows key + Ctrl + F4
  • Switch virtual desktop : Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right

You can read more about SQL Server Management Studio keyboard shortcuts here. You can read more about general Windows keyboard shortcuts here, and Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts here.


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