Visual Studio “14” CTP 4 Available Now

asp vNext

Microsoft has made available for download the preview version of Visual Studio 14, due for release in 2015, for review and comments. The Community Technology Preview (CTP) download is available here. It will work with Roslyn – more formally, the .NET Compiler Platform – that Redmond open sourced at its April Build conference. Roslyn exposes the MS Visual Basic and C# compilers as APIs. Microsoft says the compiler-as-a-service is behind several features that include:

  • IntelliSense
  • Refactoring
  • CodeLens
  • Debugging

The release also gives developers a chance to check out ASP.NET vNext, which includes a cloud optimized mode that gets rid of libraries that aren’t needed for server deployments.

The latest CTP adds these features to ASP.NET:

  • Visual Studio now uses a design-time host to speed up Visual Studio build scenarios for ASP.NET vNext projects. The design-time host builds the project in memory any time a change occurs. Therefore, Visual Studio build will simply return what the design-time host has already done.
  • Visual Studio now supports NuGet Package Manager and console for ASP.NET vNext projects.
  • The ASP.NET vNext project template now supports modern project layout. It creates a project folder under <solutionFolder>\src. The ASP.NET vNext web project template also puts static contents under the wwwroot folder that is determined by the webroot element of project.json.
  • The ASP.NET vNext Web Application template uses default target frameworks as “aspnet50” and “aspnetcore50” now, instead of “net451” and “k10”. The Startup.cs IBuilder parameter is renamed to IApplicationBuilder due to the run time change.
  • ASP.NET vNext project templates put a gloal.json file in the same level as the solution file, to provide for better support for project-to-project references.
  • Visual Studio now supports debugging for ASP.NET vNext Unit tests.
  • The ASP.NET vNext project References node now reflects project.json file dependency changes immediately.

You can get more information here.


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