10 Things Never To Say To Your Boss


There are just some things you should not say to your boss:

  1. At my last job we did it this way
  2. That’s not part of my job
  3. Well, I did my best
  4. I don’t know how
  5. What do I get from doing this
  6. I’ll leave/quit
  7. I just assumed that I was correct
  8. I don’t have a solution for this problem
  9. I can do that because I’m so smart
  10. I can’t do that

Sometimes you might feel like saying one of these thing when you can’t deliver a solution on time. I’ve been a developer for many years and I’ve been there. You have to know when and who you can say certain things to and it not damage your career or reputation. These types of comments will make your boss feel uncomfortable that you are in control, understand your assigned tasks, and are reliable in solving problems they way he/she wants them solved.


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