Tips to Keep your Software Clean and Maintainable

Visual Studio

As a software developer, there things that can help you start your project correctly and keep it that way for the entire development cycle. In an article by Matthew Mombrea, we are given three great tips.

1. Version Control

The start of a project is the first chance to keep everything tight. You should take your time and really think on every function that your system will be expected to perform. Once you get the initial project layout determined, you should immediately place the project under version control. 

2. Unit Tests

Unit tests are a great way to promote clean and maintainable code. They can help you find problems early on and make tracing bugs easier later on. They can be helpful in driving out requirements and aiding in the early planning / organization stages as well. 

3. Refactoring

Code refactoring is the process of changing existing code without changing its function. This is commonly done to reduce complexity, be more concise, improve readability, or eliminate repetition. In my opinion this is the most important task when it comes to keeping a system maintainable and extensible. 


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