Internal Customer Service


If you work in the Information Services (IS) department of your company, you are probably involved in many of the projects your company has started to improve sals or increase the number of customers. I know that in my company, almost every project undertaken impacts the IS department in some way.

That means the entire company is our customer.Everyone has a customer, and your customer is the internal employees asking you for help in accomplishing their goals and objectives.  You should build a simple survey to inquire how you’re doing. You should initially circulate the questionnaire on a monthly basis and then reduce the frequency to quarterly. This will provide a regular cadence to get empirical feedback from your customers.

You will have to decide what questions to ask your customers, but her are a few examples to get you started asking important questions to the top 10 key stakeholders of your development process and software users:

  1. How difficult is it to get assistance from our department?
  2. When talking to a member of our department, how knowledgeable did they seem?
  3. How eager were the representatives of our department to help?
  4. When discussing your project, how satisfied are you with the interaction with our team?
  5. How satisfied are you with the communication of your project status during the entire process?
  6. Would you say that our team solved your problem quickly, slowly, or neither?
  7. Would you say that our team answered your questions quickly, slowly, or neither?
  8. How well did the output from the team meet your business objectives and needs?
  9. How knowledgeable did our team seem to you?
  10. Are you satisfied, dissatisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with the service you received?

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