10 Important Technology Buzzwords


Without exception, buzzwords are a fact of life in a technology profession. Technology has a long history of buzzwords that are unique to our industry, so it is a good bet that you’ve incorporated some of these buzzwords into your everyday conversation, maybe without even knowing it.

What are some new technology buzzwords that you need to know as we approach the new year?

  1. Advertainment— “Advertising is no longer about interrupting what people are interested in, it’s about being what people are interested in.”
  2. Phablets— A mixture of a smartphone and tablet. Cellphones are currently in a trend of getting larger and more like tablets.
  3. Social learning— “An individual’s learning a skill through observation, without necessarily changing their behaviors or on-the-job performance.
  4. Return on involvement— A brand that “gets involved with their community will garner better return on their investment by getting involved hosting fundraisers, partnering with schools and giving the local residents a gathering spot.”
  5. Minergy— Someone who uses “minimal energy to get the task accomplished.”
  6. Tri-ti-tasking— “Doing three things at once.”
  7. Smoke testing – Early testing of a solution that is untested and might crash and burn. The ability and willingness to test something even though it is likely to fail.
  8. Big Data – Refers to one or more sets of data that can be used to create strategies after analyzing them. Big Data is not one or two MB, but usually measured in hundreds of terabytes!
  9. Hackerspace – As it sounds, this refers to a space where tech geeks and hackers can gather to work on projects while sharing equipment, ideas and other resources.
  10. Hyperconvergence – Generally speaking, hyperconverged means a system that combines storage, networking, and compute in a small footprint. It refers to infrastructure.

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