How to Break Coder’s Block

teamwork You have heard of writers getting what is called “writer’s block”, which is the inability to continue writing. Programmers can have the same issue with “coder’s block”. Sometimes you just can’t write any code, whether it be Visual Basic, Java, Swift, or Transact-SQL. What are some techniques to end the mental blockage and continue with productive writing?

  • Get some exercise – Take a walk, do some pushups, or run a few miles. Exercise can boost the power of your mind as well as boost your overall health.
  • Listen to some music – Spend a few minutes just listening a few songs in your playlist can help your mind a body relax and recharge.
  • Get away from you computer – This allows your mind to stop focusing on the immediate issues you are trying to solve and it might allow your mind to relax and move to other ideas or topics.
  • Just write some code – Sometimes you just have to start writing to break through your mental blockage and solve your programming issues.
  • Get a cup of coffee – Sometimes the mechanical process of preparing a cup of coffee can free you mind and release your creative energy.
  • Don’t get a cup of coffee – Some people swear that drinking too much coffee or other caffeinated drinks actually contribute to the mental blockage that causes writer’s block. If you have been drinking caffeine, which to water to fruit drinks and see it that helps you think better.
  • Pursue a Hobby – Doing something like a simple hobby can allow your mind to switch gears and move to concentrating on something new or different.
  • Take a Nap – Sometimes taking a nap will allow your body and mind to shut down for a few minutes or a few hours. Often times the cause of the blockage is like to fatigue or stress, and a short nap can alleviate those issues.
  • Focus on other Writing Tasks – If you can’t write the required code, maybe switching gears and writing other related tasks will help your mind refocus on the required tasks. This can be as say as reviewing and updating system requirements, writing test requirements, updating project plans, or writing something on your blog will allow your mind to relax.
  • Talking about the issue – Sometimes you can get new ideas and develop solutions to your problems by just talking about the issue. You can either talk to yourself out loud, talk to your pet about the latest issues, or corral a friend/coworker and tell them what kind of problem you have been unable to solve. Sometimes just saying the problem out loud will allow you to see the problem from a different angle and for you to mentally develop a quick solution.
  • Find a new job – If all else fails, maybe you just need to find a new job. Maybe what you are trying yo do is just too difficult or maybe you just aren’t happy with your assigned tasks. Finding a new job might be what you need to remove these mental hurdles.

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