Microsoft helps resolve Visual Studio developer problems with Bing-based tool

Visual Studio

Microsoft has released a free tool recently that aims to increase developer productivity by making it easier to find and reuse millions of code samples and projects. For example, when developers get a compilation error, they can right click on the error and select Bing contextual search from the menu. The search takes into account things such as the error message, project and data types and programming language to try to come up with the most relevant results. If the result isn’t helpful, further search refinements can be made.

The tool is originally released for C# developers, but Microsoft states that they plan on expanding and improving the tool as they get developer feedback on what works.

Today, when you get a compilation error you don’t recognize, you typically copy/paste the error message into the search engine of choice outside of Visual Studio. Additionally, you often manually modify the query to include all the relevant context like Visual Studio version, .NET version, project type, and language. All this work takes you out of your code and into the chaos of search results.

With BDA installed, when you get a compilation error, you can simply right click on the error and select Bing Contextual Search from the menu. The new Compile Error Assistant gathers the error information and all the relevant context to find the best potential solutions from the web using the power of contextual Bing search.


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