Disabling the Visual Studio Splash Screen

Visual Studio

Application splash screens are images that appear on the screen during the loading process for an application. They are most often seen with programs that take a long time to load, due to their size or start-up complexity, and the splash screen helps distract the user as the application loads everything into memory and prepares for initial use. Visual Studio also shows a splash screen during the startup process. This includes a logo and title, license information, copyright details, a list of programming languages, and product features that are installed.

If you use the application all the time, you mare wasting valuable seconds each time the application starts. You can skip the splash screen, by right-clicking the application shortcut and choosing “Properties” from the menu that appears. You will see a dialog box similar to that pictured below. Add the “/nosplash” switch to the target of the shortcut to disable it. You can re-enable it later by removing the switch text. Click the OK button to accept the change. Now when you click the shortcut, Visual Studio will start without showing the splash screen.

Visual Studio No Splash


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