Best Search Engines for Finding Free Images


In a recent article by Ada Ivanoff, we learn 7 great sites for finding images.

The advantage of these search engines for free images is that they (in theory) search multiple sites with free images at once. However, in practice some search just a handful of sites, rather than dozens. Anyway, it’s more than nothing but if you hope these image search engines are a blessing, you’d better get realistic.

It’s hard to compare the quality of the 7 search engines included in the article. At first I wanted to run the same queries through all of them and compare the results.

However, after I tried some very popular terms (‘computers’ in particular) and got thousands of results from some of the engines as well as no results for some not-so-popular terms (perhaps because I simply didn’t use the right keywords), I decided that such a test might give misleading results.

What’s more, these search engines index new images daily, so even if today there isn’t a single image for “sunny day”, tomorrow dozens of such images might get added. Therefore, I won’t be comparing the quality of the search for these 7 engines – I will just give my impressions with them, as well as some overall facts, such as the number of photos they include in the search or the sites they search.

Before we go on with the search engines themselves, is a word of advice. Even if the search returns images labeled as free for commercial use, always check the source site itself for the latest version of the license.


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