Highest-Paying Programming Languages

Technology is a driving force in most companies, so it’s certainly no surprise that programming skills are in high demand; however, it seems that some languages are in higher demand than others (and therefore pay more). If you look at the rankings provided by IEEE and Quartz, you’ll quickly notice some overlap in languages in the top spots; however, there is a huge disconnect particularly in the case of Ruby (which ranks eighth in IEEE’s ranking but first in Quartz’s). Following up on that same train of thought, you’ll also pick up on the fact that Ruby on Rails is noted on the rankings. While Ruby on Rails is a framework (as opposed to Ruby, which is the language behind it), many jobs requesting candidates with experience in Ruby necessitate the inclusion of actually knowing how to work with Ruby on Rails.

According to the rankings by Quartz, the languages Ruby, Objective C, Python, Java, and C++ are the programming languages that net the highest-paying jobs, with Ruby programmers averaging annual salaries of more than $109,ooo. Check out the rest of the highest-paying programming languages below.



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