New Programming Language Named Rust


Rust, positioned as a fast systems programming language immune to most crashes, has moved to a feature-complete 1.0 alpha release stage. The Rust Core Team described the alpha release as a “huge milestone” for the language, which has been a Mozilla Research project. “While we plan to make many usability improvements before the final release,” the post says. “All 1.0 language features are now in place, and we do not expect major breaking changes to them.”

Language features

  • Dynamically-sized types (DSTs)
  • Multidispatch traits
  • Associated types
  • Where clauses
  • “Unboxed” closures
  • Macros
  • Integer type changes
  • Opt-in builtin traits

Library features

  • Consistent conventions
  • Stable core types and traits
  • Iterators and collections
  • Concurrency primitives
  • Runtime freedom

Code Example

fn main() {
    println!("Hello, world!");

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