Recycle the SQL Server Analysis Services msmdsrv.log File


In this recent article by Thomas LaRock, he asks a simple question: How to recycle the msmdsrv.log file in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

 I found this question over at DBA StackExchange the other day and it left me shaking my head. How is it possible that there is no way to automatically recycle, or reset, the SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) error log in a similar manner to SQL Server? After all, it’s not like the technology doesn’t exist to solve this. More than likely it’s just not a feature that anyone asked for, or anyone ever thought would be useful.

Until, that is, a log files grows out of control. I know that’s certainly happened to me before.

Where others see challenge, I see opportunity. I looked at this question as just that, an opportunity to get my hands on SSAS again as well as brush up on some Powershell.

The idea was simple enough. First, update the SSAS instance with a new filename.

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