10 Critical Security Habits


We all want our computer systems to be a little more secure, but are you doing everything you should be doing to make that environment secure? Are you developing the security habits you need to make a truely secure environment? In a recent article by

  1. Use a Password Manager
  2. Use Two-Factor Authenication
  3. Data Backups
  4. Use VPN Tunnels
  5. Secure your Router
  6. Secure Password Recovery Email Accounts
  7. Stop Using Java
  8. Encrypt Everything
  9. Use Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Tools
  10. Obscure your Webcam

Most of these are common knowledge, but maybe there are one or two items on this list that you haven’t considered? Maybe there is something that should be added to this list? Drop us a note on your thoughts.


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