New Visual Basic Features in Visual Studio 2015

visual studio

While most of the excitement with Visual Studio 2015 has been with new C# features, Microsoft hasn’t ignored Visual Basic. The company has announced some significant development work around Visual Basic, which is currently available in preview. The new release is expected to be timed with the rest of the forthcoming Visual Studio 2015 suite, according to a blog post from Lucian Wischik of the Visual Basic team.

Some new features listed:

  • The ?. operator
  • The NameOf operator
  • String Interpolation
  • Multiline Strings
  • Readonly Auto-properties
  • Comments
  • Smart name resolution
  • CObj in attributes
  • Partial interfaces and Modules
  • Year-first date literals
  • ‘#Disable Warning’ and ‘#Enable Warning’

You might also learn more by reading this post.


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