SQL Server Version Upgrade Myths


When it comes to upgrading from one version on SQL Server to the next, some people have some fairly standard views on what makes sense. Some people will not upgrade to the “latest and greatest”, but will instead only upgrade to the version before the latest version. You will see this sometimes when people won’t even upgrade to the latest version of the Operating System, but will instead wait for the first service pack, or they won’t upgrade to SQL Server 2014 because SQL Server 2016 isn’t available yet.

In this article by Tony Rogerson, he provides some detail on why that might not be the best method from a business perspective.

Common sense says that if you are going to go through all the testing of the applications to make sure they work on the new version they you would go for the very latest version, service pack and cumulative update – in the near term if has the benefit of saving money on service pack testing, you can also take advantage of the new feature set once your migration has been completed (as a separate phase).


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