Visual Studio Code is Updated to Version 0.3.0

visual studio

The development team at Microsoft has updated the recently available Visual Studio Code product to version 0.3.0, which includes some significant updates. There is a summary of the updates available here.


In launch configurations, you can now use the runtimeArgs attribute. This is useful if you need to pass command line arguments to Node or Mono (not to the program being debugged).

Starting a debug session on Linux now opens a terminal with support for input/output.

TypeScript debugging now supports JavaScript source maps. Enable this by setting the sourceMapsattribute to true in the launch configuration. In addition, you can specify a TypeScript file with the programattribute. To generate source maps for your TypeScript files, compile with the --sourcemap option. Debugging is now supported in folder-less workspaces For example, you can debug when if a folder is not active (e.g., when you choose File, Close Folder or File, New Window). VS Code displays a purple status bar when you are in folder-less debug mode.

For exceptions thrown, via the code line marked in red, and for breakpoints, via the status bar.

Here’s other debugging changes we made for this release.

  • A icon to collapse all variables has been added to the Variables tree.
  • You can now copy a variable’s value to the clipboard from the Variables tree.
  • Environment variables now work on all platforms.
  • VS Code no longer inadvertently hijacks an arbitrary terminal on OS X when starting a launch session. Only a terminal previously used for debugging is reused for a new session.
  • Arguments passed to the runtime or program being debugged can now contain spaces.
  • F9 and F11 work again.
  • Debugging works with UNC paths.
  • Better error messages are provided if Mono or Node is missing.
  • Support has been added for F# debugging on Mono on OS X and Linux


We have defined three new problem matchers:

  • $jshint-stylish: To detect jshint problems produced by the stylish reporter.
  • $eshint-compact: To detect eslint problems produced by the compact reporter.
  • $eslint-stylish: To detect eslint problems produced by the stylish reporter.

Multiline problem matchers have been added to the task system to capture stylish output from several linting tools. You can see an example in Tasks.

You can now consistently redefine global properties per operating system and per explicit task. See operating specific values and task specific values for details.

A new property, suppressTaskName, can be specified globally, per operating system, or per task, to indicate whether the task name is added to the arguments when a task command is executed. See more details in the Appendix of Tasks.


Rust has been added as a supported language for colorization and bracket matching.


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