Why Everyone Should Learn to Program

Computer History

Most modern professions require some form of computer programming. This can range from accountants programing spreadsheets to database professionals writing programs to extract complex business knowledge. It isn’t just professional programmers writing applications or utilities to control computer functions. Writing programs has become a required skill for many jobs, and you may find your career selections limited if you can’t do any basic-level programming or scripting.

Just like almost anyone can work a basic hand saw, but that doesn’t make you a skilled carpenter. Almost anyone can write and use basic computer logic, but that doesn’t make you a professional computer programmer. Programming is more than just a vocational skill, it is a skill that can be used to have fun, be creative, and to express ideas that you can’t express in normal reality. Game programming is an obvious example of computer programming for entertainment.

From an educational perspective, designing programs and learning to write programs using a variety of computer languages can teach a variety of skills like critical reading, analytical thinking, creative synthesis, and attention to detail. More schools are encouraging students to participate in the programming arts including scripting languages, project management, agile methods, and user testing. As these students enter the job market, you can expect employees willing to accept new challenges in application logic and business processes.

Don’t be afraid to seek more knowledge on scripting and programming languages. Read a book or take a class to learn more on the subject to see if you can use this skill to advance your career.

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