SQL Server: Importing and Exporting Custom Settings for SSMS

As you use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) you may set your custom settings (colors, fonts, etc.) just like you like them. You may also want to backup those settings, or even share them with a friend. It is easy to create and  share the .vssettings file so that you can export and implement the same color scheme or other settings.

From within SSMS, on the Tools menu, just select the “Import and Export Settings…” option to start the wizard.

Tools menu in SSMS

Select the settings you want to export into your output file.

Export settings wizard

Select Export to save a file (or import if you are wanting to import the settings from a file).

Export settings wizard

Select the file name you want to use a save the file to your drive. You can now share the file with your friends or keep it as a backup .

To import  a file, you follow the wizard in almost the exact same way. Go to the same menu item, but this time choose Import selected environment settings. You can also use this same wizard to revert to “factory defaults” if you have made changes you really hate.


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