SQL Server 2016: Query Store Details

The next version of SQL Server is currently available for testing, and it is called SQL Server 2016. One of the new cool features is called the Query Store. It is an interesting feature that should help with query performance troubleshooting. In this article by Borko Novakovic, we get some details on how this new feature is designed to work.

Similar to an airplane’s flight data recorder, Query Store collects and presents detailed historic information about all queries, greatly simplifying performance forensics by reducing the time to diagnose and resolve issues.

Collected data is separated by time windows, allowing you to observe changes in query performance over time. If a query generates different plans, you can use Query Store to analyze the plan changes, identify possible performance degradation, and even force the query processor to use a particular plan for your query.

Query Store is accessible through Transact-SQL. To analyze collected data and manage the feature you must install SQL Server Management Studio or SQL Server Data Tools.


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