Where is your corporate data?

Are you keeping track of your company data? In this article by Heidi Willbanks we learn the findings for a recent survey.

Currently, 57% of the global workforce works from multiple locations in a given week, and 28% of corporate data is stored exclusively on laptops, tablets, and smartphones (Forrester). Company data is moving outside the corporate firewall at a rapid pace, and that trend is only going to continue. IT managers need to maintain control of that data anywhere, and at all times.

Once outside the firewall, IT loses control of corporate data ā€” unless there is an enterprise endpoint backup solution in place. Without IT control, anything could happen to that data. A user’s smartphone could be hacked while connected to a public Wi-Fi network, someone could spill coffee on his company-supplied laptop, or an employee might leave her tablet behind in a public place ā€” just to illustrate a few examples.


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