Ranting About MySQL


Using any new product can cause you to see some frustrating features or unusual functionality that causes you to wonder if you are the only one seeing those issues. In this article by Peter Wayner, we hear about his frustrations after using MySQL.

MySQL is easy to install, relatively fast, and loaded with features. If that’s not enough, it’s also one of the most prominent flagships of the open source movement, the big success story that showed us that a winning company could be built around open source code.

Yet anyone who has worked with the bits has shaken a fist at the screen on any number of occasions for any number of reasons. You can’t build a technology that stores a bazillion new rows of Internet blather each second and not have a few cracks show.

In the interest of being cranky this summer, we’ve rolled up eight reasons why the open source relational database of choice sometimes gets us grumbling. Not all of the reasons given below are limited to MySQL alone. Some are broader salvos aimed at relational databases in general. But if we don’t think clearly about relational databases and MySQL, we’ll be stuck in the 1990s forever. We need to tear down to build up. (Or switch to a newfangled database that hasn’t existed long enough for us to develop a list like this.)


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