Maximum Specifications for SQL Server 2014

SQL Server

We often look at a product and analyze the tools available to determine if the selected product will do the things we need it to do, usually with uncertain expectations and design parameters. When looking at a tool like SQL Server 2014, we rarely hit the maximum abilities of the software, but I’m going to share some of those maximums today, excluding the Express edition.

  • Maximum columns per index key – 16
  • Maximum columns included in a SELECT statement – 4096
  • Maximum columns included in a INSERT statement – 4096
  • Maximum database size – 524,272 terabytes
  • Maximum databases per instance – 32,767
  • Maximum filegroups per database – 32,767
  • Maximum files per database – 32,767
  • Maximum data file size – 16 terabytes
  • Maximum log file size – 2 terabytes
  • Maximum nonclustered indexes per table – 999
  • Maximum parameters per stored procedure – 2100
  • Maximum user connections – 32,767

You should verify the version and edition of your SQL Server instance supports the features before assuming the values are accurate, but it gives you a good idea of what is possible with database servers today.


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