10 Reasons to Switch to Azure Backup

Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform offers both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions. It allows you to create and manage, applications and services through Microsoft’s data centers, while delivering website creation, virtual machines, cloud services, data management, business analytics, mobile services, networking, backup, site recovery, development tools, etc.

Azure Backup is now a key component of Microsoft’s Azure cloud services. Azure replaces on-premise or other off-site backup solutions and offers world-class reliability, security, and competitiveness. Azure Backup is built on Microsoft’s enterprise infrastructure and is scalable, resilient, and highly available.

Why Azure?

Organizations usually backup data to an on-premise device, tapes, or to an outsourced small to mid-sized data center. However, organizations are increasingly using Azure Backup as prices, reliability, integrity, and data management offers a compelling solution for their backup needs. There are several compelling reasons for switching to Azure Backup:

  1. The integrity, resilience, and security offered by Azure Backup delivers a better quality of service than other solutions in the same price range
  2. Azure Backup is a part of a larger Azure suite with complementary world-class Azure services
  3. For data and applications held across multiple devices and locations, Azure Backup protects critical applications including SharePoint, Exchange and SQL Windows Servers, Windows Clients and Azure IaaS VMs
  4. Many organisations must retain data for years. Tape has been used for cheap long-term backup. Azure Backup provides a competitive alternative with superior digital storage and much easier recovery
  5. Azure services now offer increased pricing competitiveness, delivering enterprise computing at SME prices
  6. Incremental data changes are periodically sent to Azure backup using compression, and encryption delivering efficiency and longer retention
  7. Backup management is left to Microsoft rather than to customers
  8. Customers using data centres to store data use Azure services to automatically transfer files stored in the data centre to Azure Backup
  9. In keeping with modern PAYG pricing models, Azure has no upfront costs, no termination fees and a ‘pay for what you use’ model
  10. Backup data is secure with 6 copies of your data saved across two Azure data centres. Azure also offers 99.9% service availability

You can get more information about Azure Backup here.


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