Azure Storage Announcements During AzureCon 2015

During the AzureCon event hosted by Microsoft in September, they announced several new features for Azure File Storage. Azure customers can now leverage fully managed file shares from Azure File Storage for production with these new capabilities:

  • Support of SMB 3.0 – Increased file share availability and the ability to mount file shares from anywhere (Azure or on-premises).
  • New File Explorer functionality in Azure Portal – New UI for managing shares, including the ability to upload and download files to/from Azure File Storage and much more.
  • Metrics for Diagnostic – Enable Storage Analytics for Azure File Storage.

      Azure Storage Resource Provider (SRP) enhancements

Azure SRP now offers two new APIs:

  • Get Operations – Displays the list of available SRP operations.
  • Get Usage – Displays the number of accounts created by a subscription and the max number of accounts that can be created (100).

New Shared Access Signatures (SAS) capabilities

  • Storage Account SAS – Storage Account SAS will deliver full parity with storage account keys – providing a more secure alternative to delegating access to storage users than storage account keys provide. Account SAS functionalities are being rolled out in two phases – with the first phase enabling full Blob and File access including management of blob containers and File shares. The second phase will complete the Account SAS capabilities with Queues and Table support being available in the next two months.
  • Protocol SAS – Tokens of account level or service level SAS can now be restricted to HTTPS only.
  • IP Restricted SAS – A SAS token can now specify a single IP or range enabling you to restrict access to specific IP addresses. Requests originating from outside that address or range will fail.

      Premium Storage improvements

The following improvements have been made to Premium Storage:

  • Copy a blob snapshot from a premium storage account to more cost effective standard blob storage.
  • Restore a previously saved blob by promoting a blob snapshot to a base blob.

      Azure Import/Export in new regions

Azure Import/Export will be launching in the Australia and Japan regions in Q4 of 2015. Azure customers who wish to import large amounts of data into their Azure Storage accounts in the Australia or Japan regions can ship disks to a local data center instead of shipping disks to an alternate region.


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