Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange, and Windows Clients using Azure Backup Server

There are some interesting new features announced from Microsoft Azure. Users with tier 1 workloads like Microsoft SQL Server can use Azure Backup Server by choosing disk backups. Users can continue to backup to Azure for long-term retention using disk-disk-cloud backup strategy. Users can also leverage Azure Backup Server to monitor backups of all applications in single on-premises console.

Microsoft Azure Backup agent or Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent enables backup of only Files and Folders to Azure. Users can continue to use this agent for direct backup to Azure. For protecting application workloads, users can download Microsoft Azure Backup Server and install on a Windows Server. To download, log in to Azure subscription and navigate to Azure Backup vault, or create one. Now move to quick start wizard page and download Microsoft Azure Backup Server.

In addition to introducing workload backup capability, Azure Backup Server comes with support for backup of large data sources, long-term retention (up to 99 years), and the capability to recover data from Azure Backup vault using an alternate server

Learn more about Azure Backup.


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