15 Scary Signs of Lousy Leadership


Leadership is something you must learn to be really good at, and it seems it is difficult to find someone who is naturally good at being a great leader. In this post by Matt Monge, we learn 15 signs of bad leadership.

  1. They bully.
  2. They’re passive-aggressive.
  3. They’re emotionally abusive.
  4. They harass.
  5. They scheme.
  6. They lie.
  7. They manipulate.
  8. They leech.
  9. They serve themselves instead of their team.
  10. They never take responsibility for anything.
  11. They’re quick to throw others under the bus.
  12. They divide, rather than unite, people.
  13. Their ego is incessantly out of control.
  14. They’re obsessed with status.
  15. They take credit for their teams’ successes, but blame the team for their failures.

I recommend you read the entire post to get all the details. Have you been exposed to this type of leadership? Are you guilty of any of these traits as you lead your team? I have written on this subject before, and listed some reasons I have seen leadership fail.


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