Microsoft Brings Cloud Foundry Out Of Preview

Microsoft has announced that Cloud Foundry is now generally available to all users of Azure. If you are not familiar with Cloud Foundry, it is the open-source software that makes it easier to build, test, deploy, and scale cloud applications for many different languages. With this announcement, developers now have a consistent Cloud Foundry experience across Azure and a simplified provisioning workflow by leveraging Azure Resource Manager templates.

Microsoft says that they merged the Azure Cloud Provider Interface (CPI) into upstream, the open source Cloud Foundry repository, which means that Cloud Foundry on Azure is powered by both the Azure team as well as the Cloud Foundry community. In short, this means that Microsoft will continue to contribute and collaborate with the open source community.

In addition to Azure support and running .NET workloads, Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.6 ushers in Docker compatibility, integrated agile development tooling, and the launch of Spring Cloud Services for microservices applications based on Netflix OSS (open-source software) and Spring Cloud.


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