Eliminate Boring Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft has the perfect solution to presentations: PowerPoint. The problem is that most people make boring presentations. Microsoft is helping to eliminate boring presentations with the introduction of a couple of new features. “We want to make PowerPoint smarter,” says PowerPoint Partner Group Program Manager Shawn Villaron. “The quality of your slides is going to go up.”

The only catch is that you will need a Microsoft Office 365 subscription to take advantage of the new features. The new features are currently only on the Windows desktop and Windows Mobile versions of PowerPoint, but Microsoft promises it’s coming to other versions of PowerPoint soon.

The first feature, called PowerPoint Designer, suggests slide layouts and features based on the content. If you include a picture in your presentation it suggest a series of remixed slide designs that might change the color scheme to match the photo, or place the photo at an interesting eye-catching angle.

The second update is PowerPoint Morph, which makes it much easier to do animations in your presentation. You can do animations in PowerPoint today, but they can be difficult and complicated to accomplish.

You can read more about this here.


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