Transforming your business with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is an important product that you can use to transform how your business operates. In this article by Annie Bustos, we learn a little more about how SharePoint can be used in your company.

So what is SharePoint all about? It’s fundamentally an enterprise content management system built to enhance business collaboration, one that encourages a more streamlined way of sharing information and getting tasks done efficiently. It combines enterprise-level social networking with document management, workflow management, cloud storage, enterprise search, and Business Intelligence, all working together harmoniously.

All of these features can give a company a distinct competitive advantage as they are able to develop well-informed products or services, collaborate and share informatio on the go and can operate nimbly to adapt to changing market conditions. And SharePoint is eminently customizable with a host of different features and an integrated app store, so it can be tailored to fit your specific business needs.

Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint include:

1. Content management. 

2. Real-time editing. 

3. Create custom workflows. 

4. Find what you need easily. 

5. Get social. 

6. Scalability & apps integration. 

7. It’s easy to use. 

I encourage you to read the entire article.


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