Cloud Computing Cost Jobs


If companies buy less technology hardware because they are moving to the cloud, more job positions will be cut by technology companies. The reasoning is as basic as this: “If you don’t need as many salespeople to sell those new servers, then you also might not need as many Sales Managers, or accounting people, or payroll people, etc.” While the movement of companies to a powerful and inexpensive cloud environment is seen as important to technology, you probably haven’t thought about the impact on technology-related employment.

The jobs I’m talking about are really traditional middle-class positions, which are usually stable and well paying career positions at successful businesses.

I’m not saying that is a totally bad thing. From a business perspective, the seller might not need as many employees to remain competitive. From a buyers perspective the new lower overhead will allow the seller to price their hardware at an even lower amount.

Just remember, as you stop buying hardware in favor of cloud solutions, there is an impact to the labor force that will continue to impact jobs for many years.



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