What is on your DBA Plate?


As a SQL Server DBA, you have many things your are expected to do each day. You have to manage the issues reported by your users, make sure your backups are running correctly, monitor the databases for performance, etc. You probably feel you have enough to keep you busy, but are you paying attention to everything that should be on your plate?

In this article by Thomas LaRock, we hear his thoughts on what should be on your plate, and the priority of each area of concern.

Sadly, most new DBAs also have no idea what they are supposed to be doing. Often they have no mentor to help them along the way. This is especially true in Microsoft shops, where the installation and use of SQL Server is so easy that many forget the fact that you need someone to administer what has been installed.

Everything is there, really. Backups should be the biggest part of your plate, followed by maintenance. Monitoring and tuning come next, and you should have a side plate of training as well. I hope this clears up everything. What’s that? You need more details? OK then, how about this…







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