Respond to an Email Message With a Meeting Request

It isn’t that uncommon that you get an email in your Outlook email application and want to create a meeting request. It can be helpful if you get an email asking if you have some time for a meeting. Instead of replying with an email saying you will create a meeting request, but reply with a meeting request.  It may not be obvious how to reply to an email with a meeting request.

From Reading Pane View

The Reading Pane is the window in Microsoft Outlook where you can preview a message without opening it. To display the message in the reading pane, simply click on the message and view the contents of the email in the reading pane. When the message is in the reading pane, open the Home tab, and in the Respond group click Meeting.

From Navigation Pane View

The Navigation Pane is a column that provides access to folders used to organize your information. Click a folder to show the items it contains, similar to the standard Windows Explorer interface. It also includes the Favorite Folders section and buttons to switch between Mail, Calendar, Tasks and other views. In the Reading Pane, click the message that you would like to create a meeting reply to, then drag the email to the Calendar tab.

From an Opened Message

In an open (usually by double-clicking the email) message, open the Message tab, and in the Respond group click Meeting. Enter the location and start and end times as you do in any meeting request. You can also add or remove attendees, use Scheduling Assistant to find the best meeting time or add attachments.

When you respond to a message with Meeting Reply, a meeting request is created with everyone who was on the “To” line in the original message invited as “Required Attendees”, and everyone on the “cc” line is invited as an “optional attendee”.


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